SatChad: Pirates!

The End of the Path

Destruction of the Mgwani Lodge

Those idiots are less than worthless. I warned them it was dangerous, but in their ignorance and arrogance, they didn’t listen. And now they are dead because of it. While their deaths are a small consolation prize, unfortunately they aren’t quite the well spring of information I had hoped for. Of course, any organization that can’t even figure out that a giant, evil bell probably shouldn’t be rung and then polished probably couldn’t provide the information I need. At the moment I don’t have quite enough influence to directly exact my vengeance on the fools. I’ll take solace in the fact that most of them get to enjoy having their bodies crushed and their soul essence used to power necromantic abominations. Perhaps next time they will be more accommodating.

We were able to gather some supplies that we need to increase our power, so the trip wasn’t a complete failure, and the captain was able to make some good progress on transforming them into useful equipment. I eagerly await the chance to try out my ever increasing power over the hearts of others that Desna’s Grace has granted me. It was nice to have solid ground under my feet for more than a few fleeting days, and some time to make… acquaintances… in the city. My dear Lord Captain’s new hobby is a double blessing.

Apparently there was also some bustle on the ship while I was away. Something about angry fish. If a boat full of dozens of pirates can’t handle a handful of fish that can’t leave the water, I would have been sorely disappointed. Luckily they proved able fishermen and did away with their sea bound visitors without messing up the boat too badly.

I also saw an intriguing item while I was in the city… some tattoo needles that emanated an interesting aura of magic. The merchant called them “Needles of Fleshgraving”… a fairly grotesque moniker, but the name isn’t what was interesting. The man said that they could trap the essence of things into tattoos and release it again. But he is asking such a high price, and Ganel might notice is several thousand gold sails were to… vanish… Perhaps another time, after we’ve replenished our wealth some. We spent an alarming amount during this trip, more than my caravan had ever seen.

Perhaps I should try to contact my associate, Minkai. She has a way of finding information that most people want hidden, and perhaps she will have found some hint of my sister’s whereabouts. He help never comes without a price, but rarely is it any cost I cannot bear, and I would pay a high price for this information. Hopefully the beautiful and kind Desna can forgive whatever acts I commit in finding my beloved sister. She can’t be any less useful then they Pathfinder idiots.



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