SatChad: Pirates!

The Death Knell

Silencing the bell of Whalebone

After the happy marriage of Lord Captain Ganel, and the ensuing revelry, the officers discusses the fact that have over a thousand pounds of pure gold below decks, and it’s not really doing anyone any good in that form, so we should use to improve our abilities. Lord Captain said he was going to look into creating some of the things we were looking at, mostly because we’ve been having problems with availability at some of the smaller ports we’ve visited, and it would be easier to ensure we have useful and functional equipment if we created it ourselves.

After several days conferencing with myself and Fijit, we produced our first working item, a wonderful headband that magically enhances one’s brain power. Perhaps we can stick it on the bard, since he has yet to produce any helpful information.

During our attempt at diversifying our loot stash, we encountered a strange ship on the horizon. It was only there for the briefest of moments, but it had an ominous feel to it. I took some time that night to gaze at the stars and perform a quick harrowing, and the results were… strange. I believe this encounter is not entirely natural, is likely to be somewhat unsettling.

On the second day, the weather begins to sour, even though all indications say it was supposed to remain beautifully sunny and warm. Again that night, the ship finds us, but this time we are beset by a dense fog with a deathly pallor. We also hear an ominous tolling of a bell somewhere beyond the fog. Drifting by, silent as the grave except for the cold ringing is a ship, “Death’s Pallor”. Talking with the crew, this appears to be the ship we’ve heard about off the coast of Senghor, and it has a dark tale of obsession, greed, and foolhardiness behind it, as well as a promise of water grave to anyone that crosses it.

Traveling with my Varisian family, I’ve heard no small number of ghost stories, so I doubt the inescapable fate of the tale. However that doesn’t mean that it is without a grain of truth, and no small element of danger. The crew is resolved to face this threat, and we spend the next day preparing for an encounter with this ghostly foe.

The next day is cold and rainy. As darkness begins to fall, the seas begin to heave beneath us as the winds pick up. The fog rolls in, and a piercing red light begins to approach. Barefoot claims the eye of Pharasma, here to take us to our fated ends, and some of the other crew have equally frightening and implausible explainations.

We prepare ourselves, and as soon as the ship itself is in sight we begin the dance of the winds to deal with this. We sweep past the ship, each of us desperately attempting to damage the other. Acid arrows begin dropping crew members and balista bolts fly between the ships. We find a moment of opportunity and ram our ship right into the hull of the Death’s Pallor, rending beam and board and lodging us together.

As we prepare to do away with the opposing crew, they start to lurch toward us. Clearly these are not normal, healthy crew members. Fijit begins to bend the storm to her will, sending searing bolts of lightning crashing into the other ship. Andre and Thokk hold the nearest creatures at bay, crushing them with a flurry of deadly fists or rending them asunder with mighty, cleaving blows. Fijit and I focus on the other captain, trusting our companions to deal with the shambling husks, throwing acid, fire, thunder and pure searing magic at him until he drop.

As the captain falls, the other ship almost immediately begins to sink beneath the waves. Never content to allow a chance at further loot to pass us by we quickly scan the ship for items of magical significance, and find only the harpoon the captain was throwing so unerringly, and the evil bell itself. Not one to adhere to mere physical limitations, Thokk hacks the bell down and lifts it on his shoulders and onto our ship, a feat that surely would have crushed every bone in my body.

The fog lifts, and we resume our return to Senghor. This bell radiates evil, and is pouring fourth aura of magic that I’ve not seen or heard of before… it’s best we get rid of, and hopefully safely.

I’ve heard that there maybe be some Pathfinders about, and I can only assume they would be interested in this tale as well as the artifact of the bell itself, as it is clearly of no small significance or power. Perhaps I can use it to gain some information about my sister. I will attempt to get the captain to allow us to stay at port for more than a day or two before whisking us away from civilization — or at least what passes for civilization here at the bottom of the world. It is somewhat difficult to locate her while stranded in the middle of the oceans, but the power and influence of this crew is too much a boon to just leave behind.

Fate has brought me here, and fate will help me find her.



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