SatChad: Pirates!

Pokey Pokey

Andre was super excited today. He had made a very disgraceful retreat when battling a giant eel, after finding out how embarrassingly weak his punches were underwater. The monk decided to acquire a pair sianghams which cost him a couple shiny pieces. Ever since then, he’s been itching to give them a test drive.

But the chance never presented itself… until today. While the monk was meditating on the deck of the ship, Fijit starts screaming about some giant monsters underwater and before Andre knew it, he drew his sianghams from his belt and jumped overboard. Thanks to his slow fall, he slid down along the ship’s side entering the water right next to a giant hammerhead shark. But what the monk saw was a giant piece of meat soon to be filled with lots of tiny holes. He was looking forward to shark fin soup tonight, a delicacy from his hometown.

Andre plunge his sianghams into the shark, one after another, until there were so many holes, it looked like a sponge. The feeling was very satisfying as he withdrew this siangham and streams of blood would follow.

Suddenly he heard a giant war cry as he saw Thokk land on top a shark, stabbing it with his halberd. It was quite a scene! Even the shark in front of me, now with tons of tiny little holes, decided to focus his attack on the barbarian.

Somehow Fijit managed to convince the sharks to attack each other. It was quite a sight, as the sharks bit into each other, ripping each others’ flesh out. Andre managed to poke some more holes into the sharks. kekekeke.

Before we knew it, the fight was over as Thokk stab his halberd into the last standing shark’s tiny brain.

There were talks about how it was unnatural for these hammerhead sharks to appear in these water and they must’ve been controlled by someone. But the monk leaves the thinking to the more intelligent folks and goes back to meditating on the deck of the ship.

He begins to chuckle to himself. ~ Pokey Pokey ~



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