SatChad: Pirates!

Pokey Pokey

Andre was super excited today. He had made a very disgraceful retreat when battling a giant eel, after finding out how embarrassingly weak his punches were underwater. The monk decided to acquire a pair sianghams which cost him a couple shiny pieces. Ever since then, he’s been itching to give them a test drive.

But the chance never presented itself… until today. While the monk was meditating on the deck of the ship, Fijit starts screaming about some giant monsters underwater and before Andre knew it, he drew his sianghams from his belt and jumped overboard. Thanks to his slow fall, he slid down along the ship’s side entering the water right next to a giant hammerhead shark. But what the monk saw was a giant piece of meat soon to be filled with lots of tiny holes. He was looking forward to shark fin soup tonight, a delicacy from his hometown.

Andre plunge his sianghams into the shark, one after another, until there were so many holes, it looked like a sponge. The feeling was very satisfying as he withdrew this siangham and streams of blood would follow.

Suddenly he heard a giant war cry as he saw Thokk land on top a shark, stabbing it with his halberd. It was quite a scene! Even the shark in front of me, now with tons of tiny little holes, decided to focus his attack on the barbarian.

Somehow Fijit managed to convince the sharks to attack each other. It was quite a sight, as the sharks bit into each other, ripping each others’ flesh out. Andre managed to poke some more holes into the sharks. kekekeke.

Before we knew it, the fight was over as Thokk stab his halberd into the last standing shark’s tiny brain.

There were talks about how it was unnatural for these hammerhead sharks to appear in these water and they must’ve been controlled by someone. But the monk leaves the thinking to the more intelligent folks and goes back to meditating on the deck of the ship.

He begins to chuckle to himself. ~ Pokey Pokey ~

The End of the Path
Destruction of the Mgwani Lodge

Those idiots are less than worthless. I warned them it was dangerous, but in their ignorance and arrogance, they didn’t listen. And now they are dead because of it. While their deaths are a small consolation prize, unfortunately they aren’t quite the well spring of information I had hoped for. Of course, any organization that can’t even figure out that a giant, evil bell probably shouldn’t be rung and then polished probably couldn’t provide the information I need. At the moment I don’t have quite enough influence to directly exact my vengeance on the fools. I’ll take solace in the fact that most of them get to enjoy having their bodies crushed and their soul essence used to power necromantic abominations. Perhaps next time they will be more accommodating.

We were able to gather some supplies that we need to increase our power, so the trip wasn’t a complete failure, and the captain was able to make some good progress on transforming them into useful equipment. I eagerly await the chance to try out my ever increasing power over the hearts of others that Desna’s Grace has granted me. It was nice to have solid ground under my feet for more than a few fleeting days, and some time to make… acquaintances… in the city. My dear Lord Captain’s new hobby is a double blessing.

Apparently there was also some bustle on the ship while I was away. Something about angry fish. If a boat full of dozens of pirates can’t handle a handful of fish that can’t leave the water, I would have been sorely disappointed. Luckily they proved able fishermen and did away with their sea bound visitors without messing up the boat too badly.

I also saw an intriguing item while I was in the city… some tattoo needles that emanated an interesting aura of magic. The merchant called them “Needles of Fleshgraving”… a fairly grotesque moniker, but the name isn’t what was interesting. The man said that they could trap the essence of things into tattoos and release it again. But he is asking such a high price, and Ganel might notice is several thousand gold sails were to… vanish… Perhaps another time, after we’ve replenished our wealth some. We spent an alarming amount during this trip, more than my caravan had ever seen.

Perhaps I should try to contact my associate, Minkai. She has a way of finding information that most people want hidden, and perhaps she will have found some hint of my sister’s whereabouts. He help never comes without a price, but rarely is it any cost I cannot bear, and I would pay a high price for this information. Hopefully the beautiful and kind Desna can forgive whatever acts I commit in finding my beloved sister. She can’t be any less useful then they Pathfinder idiots.

The Death Knell
Silencing the bell of Whalebone

After the happy marriage of Lord Captain Ganel, and the ensuing revelry, the officers discusses the fact that have over a thousand pounds of pure gold below decks, and it’s not really doing anyone any good in that form, so we should use to improve our abilities. Lord Captain said he was going to look into creating some of the things we were looking at, mostly because we’ve been having problems with availability at some of the smaller ports we’ve visited, and it would be easier to ensure we have useful and functional equipment if we created it ourselves.

After several days conferencing with myself and Fijit, we produced our first working item, a wonderful headband that magically enhances one’s brain power. Perhaps we can stick it on the bard, since he has yet to produce any helpful information.

During our attempt at diversifying our loot stash, we encountered a strange ship on the horizon. It was only there for the briefest of moments, but it had an ominous feel to it. I took some time that night to gaze at the stars and perform a quick harrowing, and the results were… strange. I believe this encounter is not entirely natural, is likely to be somewhat unsettling.

On the second day, the weather begins to sour, even though all indications say it was supposed to remain beautifully sunny and warm. Again that night, the ship finds us, but this time we are beset by a dense fog with a deathly pallor. We also hear an ominous tolling of a bell somewhere beyond the fog. Drifting by, silent as the grave except for the cold ringing is a ship, “Death’s Pallor”. Talking with the crew, this appears to be the ship we’ve heard about off the coast of Senghor, and it has a dark tale of obsession, greed, and foolhardiness behind it, as well as a promise of water grave to anyone that crosses it.

Traveling with my Varisian family, I’ve heard no small number of ghost stories, so I doubt the inescapable fate of the tale. However that doesn’t mean that it is without a grain of truth, and no small element of danger. The crew is resolved to face this threat, and we spend the next day preparing for an encounter with this ghostly foe.

The next day is cold and rainy. As darkness begins to fall, the seas begin to heave beneath us as the winds pick up. The fog rolls in, and a piercing red light begins to approach. Barefoot claims the eye of Pharasma, here to take us to our fated ends, and some of the other crew have equally frightening and implausible explainations.

We prepare ourselves, and as soon as the ship itself is in sight we begin the dance of the winds to deal with this. We sweep past the ship, each of us desperately attempting to damage the other. Acid arrows begin dropping crew members and balista bolts fly between the ships. We find a moment of opportunity and ram our ship right into the hull of the Death’s Pallor, rending beam and board and lodging us together.

As we prepare to do away with the opposing crew, they start to lurch toward us. Clearly these are not normal, healthy crew members. Fijit begins to bend the storm to her will, sending searing bolts of lightning crashing into the other ship. Andre and Thokk hold the nearest creatures at bay, crushing them with a flurry of deadly fists or rending them asunder with mighty, cleaving blows. Fijit and I focus on the other captain, trusting our companions to deal with the shambling husks, throwing acid, fire, thunder and pure searing magic at him until he drop.

As the captain falls, the other ship almost immediately begins to sink beneath the waves. Never content to allow a chance at further loot to pass us by we quickly scan the ship for items of magical significance, and find only the harpoon the captain was throwing so unerringly, and the evil bell itself. Not one to adhere to mere physical limitations, Thokk hacks the bell down and lifts it on his shoulders and onto our ship, a feat that surely would have crushed every bone in my body.

The fog lifts, and we resume our return to Senghor. This bell radiates evil, and is pouring fourth aura of magic that I’ve not seen or heard of before… it’s best we get rid of, and hopefully safely.

I’ve heard that there maybe be some Pathfinders about, and I can only assume they would be interested in this tale as well as the artifact of the bell itself, as it is clearly of no small significance or power. Perhaps I can use it to gain some information about my sister. I will attempt to get the captain to allow us to stay at port for more than a day or two before whisking us away from civilization — or at least what passes for civilization here at the bottom of the world. It is somewhat difficult to locate her while stranded in the middle of the oceans, but the power and influence of this crew is too much a boon to just leave behind.

Fate has brought me here, and fate will help me find her.

Freedon at Last
Life on the Open Ocean

We finally have our ship squibbed and prepared for sail on the seas. Without a particularly clear plan, we set out for adventure. While we had some less than spectacular attempts at pirating passing vessels, we are still optimistic for the time being.

After arriving in Senghor, we scrounged around for some information about long lost treasures fit ripe for acquisition, and Fijit located an intriguing map detailing the temporary resting place of the fortunes of one “Captain Dredd”. The rumors seem to be that he, unfortunately for us, had spent most of it, but every journey has to have a starting point, and, practically speaking, a smaller treasure hoard is more likely to have been overlooked by other plunderers, so it’s treasures and secrets are probably intact.

After a blessedly uneventful trip upriver, we locate a rather strange looking tree, which appears on the map as our destination. We dig for quite some time and locate a sarcophagus. Expecting our bounty was easily found, we open it, only to discover it descends deep into the earth, without any signs of ending. Mere darkness and depth is hardly an obstacle for me, and we all descend.

The crypt, or at least, what I assume is a crypt, based on the entrance, is most assuredly trapped, and indeed, as the monk goes careening forward, he is almost immediately cut down by a swinging blade. His sheer resilience saves him, however, and the rest of the group starts to creep and jump their way down the hall. I, however, am not willing to spend my blood so needlessly, and press the ground with my power, triggering whatever traps there are to be found, and easily avoid whatever other dangers awaited us.

Again we throw caution to the wind, as before I even manage to reach the end of the hall, the monk has run off into the darkness beyond my sight, and strange whomping sounds are heard from the room. Apparently he drew the attention of a mimic: no small risk to a man without armor or weapon. To add to the chaos, a swarm of skeletal creatures rise from the dark, dank water around the perimeter. This is somewhat beyond my expertise, and no small bit unpleasant, so I provide assistance safely from the hall. No sense in dying for no cause.

Eventually we are successful in bringing the lost treasure to the light again.

Unfortunately, this success is shortly beset by a troubling development, as a ship waits just out river. Cog tells me that it’s likely a pirate hunting vessel, and after he mentions it, it does vaguely resemble some items of Chelish design I’ve seen on some of my previous companions.

A quick sortie to investigate and some planning decides that a single person is most likely to be able to get in and out with most ease, so naturally we send none other than the monk. Who better to stay silent than a man that cannot be heard?

After an nerve searing wait, sounds of alarm and alert echo down from the ship and still our friend is not to be found. Before I begin to panic to greatly and mourn his loss, the grass and sand begin to move silently. Hopefully it is out silent companion, using the potion of invisibility we gave him for his escape. Indeed it is, and we sail away from the ship, taking a single shot to the port before sailing away, secure in the knowledge that they will be unable to catch us after our crafty sabotage. If my life has taught me anything, it’s never to face a fight that can be won with deception.

We return to Senghor and spread word of our exploits. Detailing our daring confrontation with the Chelish brutes and epic struggle through the deathly tomb of Dredd.

There are few better places to hear rumors than in a well lubriated tavern when the mood has been set with stories, and we quickly hear a tale about the great Lady of Tidewater Rock.

And intriguing story of deception, betrayal, and broken alliances. The Lady Aghasta Smithy, daughter of the late Captian Smithy, seeks a betrothal and alliance with a pirate lord, to protect her from the cruel and traitorous Harrigan. Harrigan and Carda Antiducha conspired to lure Smithy into the Eye of Abendengo, and showed their true disloyal and cowardly natures by ambushing and murdering him cowering behind the storms. Showing no paucity of malevolence, he then turned his mind toward Tidewater Rock, hoping to wrest it from the hands of the now orphaned Lady, while she waited for he father to return, not knowing his body was already lost to the endless sea of storms. She was able to repel him for the time being, but requires assistance before she is eventually overtaken.

Any chance to disrupt Harrigans plans and help a wealthy Lady in mourning and distress is too tempting an opportunity.

Other rumors circulated the town, lost among the cups and the songs. There is a mysterious ghost ship shrouded in mist haunting the seas to the northwest. None who have encountered it have been seen again, and even those who witness it rarely escape.

On our way to investigate these tantalizing leads, we stumble upon two ships locked in battle, a Sargavan merchant ship and a pirate ship of little regard, the Devil’s Pallor, a name soon to be lost to the sea. Seizing the opportunity, we take them both unawares. With a pathetically small amount of effort we do away with the leaders of the pirate vessel and subdue the merchant ship.

We lead our temporary fleet of ships and haul our shining rewards to further adventures.

Session 13

Experience Earned

  • Each PC earns 480 xp disabling the Dominator’s tiller…semi-stealthily
  • Each PC earns 320 xp escaping the Dominator’s clutches
  • Each PC earns 480 xp for defeating the Devil’s Pallor and liberating her of her good and crew!
  • Fijit earns 100 xp for seeing something…ANYTHING…from the deck of the ship.

Experience Totals

Andre – 13600 Fijit – 13700 Ganel – 13600 Tavin – 13600 Thokk – 13700

It seems very likely that everyone will level up to level 5 at the end of the next adventure! (15000 xp)

Session 12

Experience Earned

  • Each PC earns 480 xp for killing the Sahuagin ambush party
  • Each PC earns 0 xp for losing a merchant ship off the Mwangi coast
  • Each PC earns 320 xp for braving the hallway o’ swinging axes
  • Each PC earns 500 xp for defeating the underground guardians of Captain Dredd’s treasure!

Experience Totals

Andre – 12320 Fijit – 12320 Ganel – 12320 Tavin – 12320 Thokk – 12420

Ahoy! Swab the scurvy landlubbers! 2580 xp until Thokk hits level 5!

Session 11

Experience Earned

  • Each PC earns 638 xp for surviving the attack of the giant wasps
  • Each PC earns 320 xp for befriending Captain Merrill Pegsworthy
  • Each PC earns 240 xp for making roast pork
  • Andre earns 1 parrot named Rotgut

Experience Totals

Andre – 11020 Fijit – 11020 Ganel – 11020 Tavin – 11020 Thokk – 11120

Level 5 is at 15000xp!

Session 10

Experience Earned

  • Each PC earns 240 xp for driving off the nightime Sahuagin raid
  • Each PC earns 480 xp for killing the enraged Naga
  • Each PC earns 50 xp for saving Steve, the bowling pirate

Experience Totals

Andre – 9822 Fijit – 9822 Ganel – 9822 Tavin – 9822 Thokk – 9922

Level 5 is at 15000xp. Avast ye landlubbers!

We did it...

They pushed us too far, and we broke. I’m sure that was their intention, but where they hoped we would become weak-willed, we instead mutinied (though, “mutiny” may not be the correct word, since we did (later) learn that Plugg wasn’t following the orders he was given… though we didn’t carry them out, either).

The evil sadist, Scourge, got what was coming to him when Andre found him asleep. The scream, cut short, was a good sign to the rest of us that the time had come. We spared as much of the crew as we could, both because they hadn’t done us as much wrong as Plugg and Scourge and because we were already fairly shorthanded.

The surviving crew assembled and I was chosen to be the new captain (whether they chose me as captain or merely thought that having a cleric of Gozreh as captain was a good idea I don’t know). It’s both exciting and numbing. I’m excited that I have a ship, and the freedom to sail her as I please. And I’m set aback that I’m now responsible for the lives of the officers and crew aboard. Accomplishing your dream without really seeing it coming is strange.

My feeling of responsibility was quickly put to the test as two of our crew (the lovely Barefoot and Sandara) disappeared in a storm. During the same storm our lookout (Conchobhar) failed to spot a reef shoal, and we ran aground. Oh, yes, Conchobhar also failed to notice when some foul-smelling squid things came aboard. (Did he fail to notice because of the storm, or did he let it happen, since he was one of the crew favoured by Plugg? I’ll have to keep an eye on him.) When we discovered the missing crewmen I set the remaining crew to repairing the ship and the officers and I sought out the nearby island to search for our missing mates.

The island was… naught but corruption. What looks to have been a quaint little village was “abandoned”, with several statues made of various bones all about. Some giant frogs (toads? whatever) tried to eat us (and ran away after Thokk and Andre severed the frogs’ tongues). What looked like a recently married couple had become ghouls and did what gouls do… namely, try to eat us. We saw some coconuts and went for a snack. Nope, giant crabs… and they tried to eat us. The top of the island had a small fort. Some monkey-things tried to… okay, they tried to pull us up into a tree, but they probably wanted to eat us. The forthouse had a body hanging from a noose. Presumably the poor soul tried to hang himself after being bitten by a ghoul, but the corpse became a ghoul anyways… and tried to eat us. Oh, and the largest swarm of flies I’ve ever seen tried to eat us.

From the fort we saw a sunken ship and one of those squiddy things. We returned to the Man’s Promise to check up on repairs, refill the water barrel (praise Gozreh), and sail closer to this sunken ship. Taking the dinghy out again we saw some caves set into the side of the island, but they were impassable due to high tide. So we set about searching the remains of the sunken ship. It certainly contained a giant eel… who tried to eat us.

Captain Snack. No, not a very good name.

The caves were filled with more of these squid abominations, and a foul Devilfish. After marching and swimming through these caves for so long to come upon this horrid beast I found the scream I screamed in my head to manifest itself and stun the creature. (I think I know how to ask Gozreh for this Sound Burst more reliably now, it’s always amazing what miracles she provides me). A giant squid-creature had our crewmates in cages in the middle of the cave network. We eventually dispatched the creatures, but I was exhausted after summoning the divine essense to heal Mara, Fijit’s shark, after the noble fish got chewed on by (and regurgitated by) the big squid.

We’ve finally achieved Plugg’s destination, Rickety’s Squibbs, and have hired out to get our ship squibbed so we can sail it free and clear from its two previous owners (Captain Harrigan, and whomever owned it before he ‘acquired’ it in combat). I introduced myself to Rickety as Captain John Silvermane. It sounds enough like my name that I’ll easily respond, has an obvious origin in my silver hair, and sounds… well… captainy.

Our timing is virtuous, Andre overheard that Barnabas reached the salvage yard to find that Plugg never arrived, and he’s probably plenty upset at being crossed by his First. He’d probably be more upset to know that his First no longer lives, but his own mutinous plans were carried out by the new new crew of the ship. While Andre and the rest of the officers and crew were celebrating their first night in port I slipped away with Sandara to have an evening of more merriment.

In a few days I’ll have a ship with no history, and a crew who sails with me by choice (having seen the dangers of press-ganging, I have no intention of ever letting it happen aboard my ship).

Corruption Purged
The corruption of Bonewrack Isle is destroyed and left behind

We entered the dark caves, determined to find and rescue our lost crew members. They are too useful to leave them behind, and I’ve grown rather fond of them as well, so we must find them. Almost immediately upon entering the caves we encounter more of those grotesque squid-like creatures that attacked our ship in the storm, right before the two women were lost. We must have the right location this time. They posed little threat to our party, especially with the druids shark companion so adept and ripping out their throats.

I used my dancing starlight to light the way as we trekked aimlessly through the fetid, dank wound in the island. We came across so many of the little creatures that I lost count, obliterating them with little resistance, though occasionally some of my companions with less talent at dealing with things from a distance took a few spears to their bodies. Our trusty captain called upon the healing power of the seas to mend their wounds.

We found a few magical trinkets in the caves, probably washed up in the tides, or leavings of some of the monsters previous victims. While helpful, they are not our purpose.

Some other creatures rose up to great us, most just as disgusting as the tiny little horrors. A Devilfish somehow managed to find his way into the caves. Luckily we were able to dispatch him without too much difficulty, thanks to some nimble moves and some quick thinking (and some near deafening crash of thunder from Ganel) that stopped the worst of his attacks. I had to stop for a moment and was barely able to hold back my sickness from his foul secretions… hopefully none of the others noticed.

We head down one last tunnel, and hear a loud growling roar from inside. We quickly hacked through a poorly hidden hooked net and rushed to it source, hoping to arrive before it was too late.

Luckily the ladies were still there, suspended above a huge bloated version of the squid monsters, and some aberration that was channeling corrupt powers of nature at us. Mara, the shark, was nearly lost to us as the huge monster swallowed her whole. I could almost see Fijit’s heart drop as it happened, but luckily a few moments later she was… returned in a somewhat inglorious manner. Apparently swallowing amphibious creatures with very sharp teeth isn’t a great idea…

The corrupt druid cuts our crew mates down, dropping them into the waters swarming with undead hands, and we all rush to save them. I keep the druid from interfering as Andre and Thokk pull them to safety. My magic might have waned for the day, but I am not entirely useless, and I’ll do my best to protect those women who are here because of my actions. If my path had not crossed theirs, they would not lose their lives in this soulless place.

We are able to win the day, but only just barely. With all out magics depleted, our stamina drained, and the sun starting it’s journey toward the night, we leave behind the wreaked Bonewrack Isle, hopefully never to return.


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