Story So Far…

The crew of the newly-christened Grim Tide bade Captain Merrill Pegsworthy farewell as they left Rickety’s Squibs for adventure on the high sea. The crew’s first order of business was to head south down the coast to the Mwangian city of Senghor.

On the way to Senghor, the Grim Tide crossed paths with what appeared to be an abandoned fishing trawler. Upon boarding the ship however, the Fijit and company discovered a party of Sahuagin warriors lying in wait for them below decks. The fight was brief, but fierce! Many weapons were swung valiantly through the air in a vaguely threatening manner.

Leaving the damaged trawler behind, the Grim Tide continued to Senghor. Once there, Captain Ganel and his crew obtained a map from a dirty, cantankerous old man. This map pointed the way to the treasure of Captain Dredd, a famed pirate captain who fell on hard times and hid his remaining treasure far upriver to the southeast of Senghor. As Fijit left, the man mentioned an old saying known in this area of the world: “Good fortune and sure sail await those who can crack Tidewater Rock.”

The Grim Tide made its way slowly up the Mwangi river until it arrived at the location indicated on the map. Thokk was ordered to dig, where he discovered a deep hole hidden inside of a coffin. The hole led to a dank cavern that Captain Dredd used to hide his treasure. The crew bypassed a series of swinging axes mostly unharmed, but when Andre laid his hands on the treasure he found them stuck fast to the adhesive skin of a mimic! Egad!

The crew eventually prevailed over the mimic and horde of skeletons left behind by Dredd, in large part due to the amazing clerical power of Captain Ganel. With that the crew of the Grim Tide began the long job of hauling Captain Dredd’s treasure back to the ship.

SatChad: Pirates!

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